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Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Here at the DUNER BLOG, we have a policy about OBITUARY BLOGS: We don't do them. While we did blog about the deaths of the SONY WALKMAN and TV SHOW THEME SONGS, these don't really count because they're not exactly human. BUT...we did make an exception when news hit the DUNER BLOG HEADQUARTERS yesterday morning about the passing of ELIZABETH TAYLOR. We were instantly flooded with calls, posts, texts, e-mails, tweets, twits and twats...all begging us to blog. We couldn't possibly answer all your questions, so we picked five at random.

#1 Is Elizabeth Taylor a US or a British citizen? Scott in Cincinnati, OH.
Great question, Scott! The answer is YES. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was born in London on February 27, 1932 and is therefore a British citizen. But, her parents were both US citizens, so she is automatically given US citizenship as well. Her dad was a successful international art dealer based in the UK. The family moved to the USA in 1941 to escape World War II.

#2 Are Elizabeth Taylor's eyes really violet? Simona in Milan, Italy.Indeed they are, Simona! Technically, violet eyes are categorized as "blue mixed with a red pigment." It is very rare, and can only occur in one of those weird 'double recessive' genetic codes. (Sorry...we're not scientists here!) Aside from Liz, violet eyes are "commonly found in a few remote and high altitude areas of northern Kashmir." We also discovered she was born with mutated double eyelashes, which is both gross and sexy.

#3 How many husbands did Elizabeth Taylor have? Tracy in Manhattan.Always a trick question...do you count Richard Burton twice? (Of course you don't, Tracy...that would be foolish.) All toll, Liz was married to SEVEN different people. Her first marriage was to Nicky Hilton, Paris Hilton's grand-uncle. It was also her shortest, at only six months. Her last marriage to construction worker LARRY FORTENSKY was her oddest. But I believe she was happiest with film producer MICHAEL TODD. He was the only one she DIDN'T divorce. (He was killed in a plane crash in New Mexico in 1958.)

#4 Over years, Liz has endorsed a lot of products. Which was the most lucrative? Julie in Sydney NSW.Right you are, Julie! Liz Taylor was one of the first Hollywood celebs to do endorsement deals. In the 1950's she pitched everything from Whitman's Chocolate to Lux Soap to ArtCarved Diamonds. But her most successful teaming was with the Elizabeth Arden Fragrance Company in the 1980's. The classic commercials for BLACK DIAMONDS and WHITE PEARLS perfumes still air every Christmas.

#5 What is your favorite Elizabeth Taylor movie, Duner? Vicky in Mexico City.Without a doubt, it is A PLACE IN THE SUN. Prior to this role, Liz had been known only as a child actress, melting hearts in classics like LASSIE and NATIONAL VELVET. Now a stunning 21-year-old, Liz was out to prove she wasn't a cute girl anymore. Not only does she look great in a one-piece swimsuit, but the plot, acting and casting is great. Everyone was surprised at the 1952 ACADEMY AWARDS when the shallow Gene Kelly flick AN AMERICAN IN PARIS beat it out for Best Picture.

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