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Tuesday, October 30, 2012



Over the weekend, many Americans were glued to their televisions, watching the World Series.  A California team, the San Francisco Giants, clobbered the hapless Detroit Tigers...four games to none.  This resulted in many fans making astronomical claims about their squad, claiming they were the 'most winning-est team of all time.'  As expected, we here at the DUNER BLOG conducted research.  We found that there is no actual English word for 'Winning-est" but there is a mathematical formula for determining the true answer to the hypothetical question.

Sports Beat Writer ROB BOUDREAU attempted to answer this difficult question using simple math.  His formula divides the number of championships by the number of seasons played to determine a "Winning-est" percentage.  Using this formula, here are our findings by sport.

According to Boudreau's Equation, the San Francisco Giants are the fifth winning-est baseball team ever.  In first place...surprise!...is the New York Yankees.  With 27 World Series Championships over 112 seasons, their mark of 24% easily surpasses the St. Louis Cardinals.  Using this formula, the Miami Marlins are in third place.  While they've only won twice, they've only been around for sixteen seasons.  Also: The Yomiuri Giants of Tokyo have a 27% score in the Nippon League.

FOOTBALL (American)
Don't worry soccer fans...we cover your sport later.  American Football proposes a tough question for the equation.  Do we use all football leagues or just the NFL?  If we use all leagues...dating back to 1919...the Green Bay Packers have the highest percentage at 16%.  If we use only Super Bowls, the San Francisco 49ers are the best team, with a perfect 5-for-5, 100% score.

People really love the Stanley Cup!
This sport has a clear-cut, all-time winning-est champion: The Boston Celtics.  With 21 titles in 62 years, they have a 33% score.  This bests the Los Angeles Lakers.  Although the Lakers have played many more championship games, they have also lost many more championship games.  Losses don't count for anything in Boudreau's Equation.

Like Basketball, Hockey also has an easy answer to the 'winning-est' question: The Montreal Canadiens.  In this sport, you play for the coveted 'Lord Stanley's Cup'...the coolest trophy in all sport.  Although it is currently living in Southern California, the 16 kilogram, solid-silver trophy has gone to Quebec a whopping 24 times...good for a 33% score.

Although Mr. Boudreau's only used his theory for American sports, we found they work for European soccer teams as well.  After many calculations, we are proud to announce Real Madrid is our choice for winningest soccer team ever.  They've hoisted the Copa del Rey 38% of the time.  Although Manchester United has won 19 times, they've been playing since 1888 and this brought their score down.  Hitler's ban on soccer teams hurt Bayern Munich's numbers and we simply can't make enough sense of the Argentine Leagues to give Boca Juniors a score.

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