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Thursday, March 31, 2016



It's officially Spring! That means DUNER BLOG readers are heading to the local florist to buy roses for the special people in their lives. However, our readers might not know the hidden meaning behind each rose color. For example, don't get your doctor red roses...unless you have amorous intentions. Likewise, yellow roses could send the wrong message to your wife. Confused? Let's clear things up:

RED ROSES: Percentage of purchases: 37%. Message: Romance.
There is no more enduring symbol of romance in Western society than a simple red rose. It started back in antiquity. Aphrodite carried one in her right hand. Shakespeare constantly references it in his sonnets, but Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote the most enduring verse:

"O! My love is like a red, red rose....That's newly sprung in June.."
"O! My love is like the melody...That's sweetly sung in tune.."

Also: Take the shade of red into consideration before your purchase. Bright red represents romance, but Burgundy implies a love that has yet to be fully realized..

PINK ROSES: Percentage of purchases: 27%. Message: Thank You.
Botanists have determined that pink is the oldest of all rose varieties, dating back 40 million years. Not surprisingly, it is the most common color found in the wild. The first known cultivation of pink roses was by ancient Chinese Emperors, but the flower reached its apex of popularity during the Victorian Era: It was the most popular wallpaper in England. Today, follow these simple rules to make sure you get your proper message across. Dark Pink = Gratitude. Medium = Get Well Soon. Light = Admiration.

WHITE ROSES: Percentage of purchases: 26%. Message: Pure Love.
Historians love the 14th century conflict The War of the Roses. Two English royal crests used Roses as their heraldic signs. White roses represented the House of York. They chose the color white because it has always been associated with light, purity and glory. Naturally, white roses are also popular for weddings and christenings. In short, when you display white roses, you convey respect and pay homage to new beginnings.

PURPLE / LAVENDER ROSES: Percentage of purchases: 18%. Message: Enchantment.
To show the wondrous feelings of 'Love At First Sight,' chose a silky lavender rose. This smooth shade conveys the intent for deeper love. Darker shades of purple are often associated with Royalty. So giving them suggests an air of regal majesty and splendor. For this reason, purple roses are a good choice to buy for yourself. Your house will instantly become a palace with a vase full of them on the dining room table.

YELLOW ROSES: Percentage of purchases: 15%. Message: Friendship.
Long associated with the sun, if you want to show someone warmth and joy, the yellow rose is key. In Eastern Cultures, yellow represents wisdom and power...two achievable things through friendship.
Just as the sun cheers you up, so do yellow roses. However, be careful. Yellow roses are not love roses--they suggest a platonic relationship. In fact, Italians view giving them to a lover as a sign of jealousy.

ORANGE ROSES: Percentage of purchases: 13%. Message: Happiness.
Of the major rose varieties, Orange is the newcomer. It wasn't until the 1900's when botanists blended yellow and red roses and introduced the new shade to the world. Symbolically, it can be seen as the bridge between the two: Friendship & Romance. Orange roses are seen as the 'Wild Child' of the Rose family, and are used today to light up someone else's day...without any direct meaning.

FINALLY, if you want to show all of these aspects of love, admiration and friendship, just buy a mixed bouquet.

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