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Tuesday, May 6, 2014



When PEOPLE MAGAZINE named Lupita Nyong'o their 'Most Beautiful Person' last week, it was merely another trophy on the shelf for the actress.  She put the plaque right next to her Oscar statuette, her Golden Globe gong and her BAFTA medal.  Not surprisingly, there has been tons of questions about the starlet in the DUNER BLOG mailbox, so let's get started.

Was Lupita born and raised in Africa? Dan in Denver. Although she was raised in Kenya, Lupita was actually born in Mexico City. Her father is a professor at the University of Nairobi and was on a three-year academic assignment.  As with many African peoples, the Luo name their children after events that occur on that day.  Since the hospital was near the Basilica of Guadalupe, she was named 'Lupita.'

Where did she go to school? Pete in Pittsburgh.  She went to High School at St. Mary's Prep School in Nairobi.  For college, she attended the Yale School of Drama.  There, she acted in a bunch of intense plays like Gertrude Stein's Doctor Faustus and Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.  However, during her stay in the US, she got hooked on film.  She was a stagehand for the 2007 move The Constant Gardener and loved the action.  NOTE: Lupita is fluent in Luo, Swahili, English and Spanish.

Didn't she act on TV before 12 Years A Slave? Mike in Miami.  Yes!  While her turn as Patty in the intense drama gained her worldwide fame, her first 'Big Time' roll was on TV in Kenya.  In the year 2008, she starred in the drama Shuga. It was a huge hit on the MTV Africa channel.  Her face was now known across the continent, as well as her amazing acting abilities.

Is Lupita single? Steve in Seattle. Yes!  The 31-year old celeb has never been married.  Since her breakthrough last year, though she's been linked to many a bachelor.  The most (in)famous is Jared Leto.  Since he was the winner for Best Supporting Actor, they seem like a natural couple.  So much so, Jared announced to reporters that Lupita is "My future wife."  Although they have been photographed together, we're not sure there is any legitimacy to his comments.  She has also been linked to rapper K'Naan.

Is Lupita the smartest woman to win People's Most Beautiful? Cindy in Cincy.  Absolutely!  We researched the IQ's of the previous twenty-one ladies who have won the prestigious award.  Then, we ranked them all.  At the bottom of the list: Kate Hudson, Beyonce, Kelly Bundy and Cindy Crawford.  In the middle are Julia Roberts, Gweneth Paltrow and J-Lo.  In fact, Ms. Lupita's only real competition came from Jodie Foster and Meg Ryan.

Here's to more Lupita Nyong'o movies!!

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