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Wednesday, May 28, 2014



The final results are not yet available, but exit polls have overwhelmingly concluded the PETRO POROSHENKO is the new President of the Ukraine.  His 58% means a majority has been reached, and there will not be a run-off.  Things have been very complicated in the Ukraine this year, so we here at the DUNER BLOG thought we'd try to straighten things out for our readers.  Let's open the mail!

Wasn't the DUNER BLOG supporting the opposition?  Lisa in Lima.  Guilty as charged.  But the only reason we love YULIA TYMOSCHENKO so much is her hair.  The intricacies of her braids is truly mesmerizing.  Admittedly, we know very little of her politics, but we admire her integrity.  Although she finished second place among 19 candidates, Yulia only accounted by 12.8% of the popular vote.  Rather than cry and demand a recount...she declared the outcome "democratic" and will not contest it.

What is NOVOROSSIYA? Ben in Boston. After the successful annexation of Crimea, Russia continued adding sections of Eastern Ukraine as well.  According to Putin, these Russian speaking provinces have voted to secede from Kiev and have formed a new nation.  It's called Novorossiya, or "New Russia."  The West does not recognize the state, and Poroshenko's first order of action is to visit this region.

How do Petro and Putin get along? Their names are similar!  Frank in Frankfurt.  We noticed that too, Frank!  We can't find any records of the two men going on vodka benders or hunting moose together...but we do have high hopes for a close friendship.  See, Petro is a pragmatist: "Russia is our neighbor.  Relations with them has been Ukraine's greatest importance for the last 200 years."  He has already initiated formal talks with the Russian Federation.

Why is Petro called the 'Chocolate King?' Jan in Jakarta. Prior to becoming President, Petro was a wildly successful businessman.  When the Iron Curtain was lifted over Ukraine in 1991, he shrewdly began negotiating with African nations to directly import cocoa beans.  Twenty years later, his Roshen Brand chocolate bar is the top seller in both Russia and the Ukraine.

How do Obama and the West feel about Petro? Kareena in Kolkata.  The US leaders called Poroshenko's victory "another important step to unify the country."  While the millions of world maps and atlases will still show Ukraine's borders as those drawn in 1991...in reality...they have changed.  It will take Obama awhile to realize this.  Thankfully, Petro and Putin already have and want to move forward to the future.  We wish the best for the Ukraine and hope the bread basket of Europe will reach new heights!

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