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Thursday, January 23, 2014



Move over, Posh & Becks!  Step aside, Kim & Kanye!  There's a new Power-Couple on the planet...and they are taking over.  Let's meet Masahiro Tanaka & Mai Sadota.  He is a talented baseball pitcher who just led the Rukuten Golden Eagles to the Nippon League title.  She is a top-notch Japanese pop star turned TV celebrity.  Together they make up one helluva team!

Why the sudden change in the Power-Couple rankings?  Yesterday, Masahiro Tanaka signed an outrageous, $155 million dollar contract with the New York Yankees.  This will make him one of the top baseball players on the planet.  Since he is playing with the Yanks, he will get tons of exposure that will likely result in lots of lucrative endorsement deals. 

Next question: How can Mai Sadota compare with the likes of Beyoncé and the Kardashians?  Well...first and foremost with women in the year 2014...is beauty.  While she may be lacking the curves of Mariah or Rihanna, this Hokkaido hottie is no slouch.  Next up is talent.  While she may only be five feet tall, she can certainly sing.  Her top song, "Oyaji No Kokoro Tomotto Chiisa Na Hi" was #1 in Japan for ten weeks. (Translation: A Small Flame Is Ignited In An Old Man).   She's blossoming into a TV star as well. Her show "Quiz! Hexagon!" is also a smash hit.

While this is all fine and well in Japan... You're asking yourself: Can Tanaka & Sadota really make it in the USA?  Let's look at Tanaka's stats first.  Last season, his record was 24-0.  Not too shabby.   In addition to an amazing fastball, he shows great range with a wicked slider and a nasty curveball.  MLB scouts are impressed. 

Things might be a little tougher for Mai Sadota.  For the most part, Americans fear foreign languages.  Only a handful of songs in languages other than English have been hits on the Billboard Pop Charts.  However... One of those few hits is 'Gangnam Style' sung in Korean by PSY.  So there is hope! 

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