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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Robin is the handsome devil on the left.

The death of music legend ROBIN GIBB on Sunday hit everyone at the DUNER BLOG pretty hard.   You see, disco is the only type of music allowed to be played in our corporate offices, research centers and private gyms...so naturally we listen to the Bee Gees all the time.  And while ROBIN's passing was by no means sudden...he had been fighting colon and liver cancer for years...it never seems to soften those difficult final moments.  In short, he truly was "More Than a Woman" to all of us.

However...there is some good news! Yesterday, we were thrilled to read the headline in the DAILY MIRROR.  The outstanding British periodical is launching a grassroots campaign.  Their goal is to have ROBIN GIBB knighted posthumously.  We here at the DUNER BLOG have thrown our support behind the measure and hope you will too.  Unfortunately...as those readers familiar with British Royalty will quickly point out...there is one major problem with our plan: Knighthoods are not allowed after one dies. See...one has to be present to receive the taps on the shoulder from the monarch's diamond-encrusted sword. Darn!

BUT...rules are made to be broken...and this one has been broken before.  When Beatle GEORGE HARRISON died in 2001, Parliament rallied in support of knighthood.  The Queen reluctantly agreed.  While many of you will argue that the BEE GEES are in no way equal to the BEATLES...let's examine Mr. Gibb's impressive resumé. You already know the about their eight #1 singles and that Saturday Night Fever is the fifth best selling album of all time.  And...don't forget about the nine Grammy Awards.  In addition, the brothers have a gold star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and are in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.  Heck...the BEE GEES are even on a postage stamp from the Isle of Man.  (TRIVIA: This is where all three brothers were born.)

But what we find most impressive about ROBIN GIBB is his selflessness.  In addition to his own fame, the trio also wrote and produced songs for other artists in many different genres.  They wrote the #1 country hit "Islands in the Stream" for Kenny Rogers. They wrote the music for the Broadway smash "Grease."   They penned Rhythm & Blues songs for Diana Ross and Dionne Warwick.  Even Beyoncé topped the charts with a BEE GEE song: Emotion.   How about this for trivia?  If you include the sampling on the hip-hop track "Ghetto Supastar," the BEE GEES have topped the charts in five separate decades...the 1960's, '70's, '80's, 90's and the 2000's.  Wow! 

Disco balls will never be the same.
Finally, the Daily Mirror's knighthood movement has a huge supporter in Parliament member JOHN LEECH.  Representing the Manchester neighbourhood where the three boys grew up, he intends to introduce legislation soon.  "Robin was an immense talent and a true musical legend." Leech said. "He definitely had that Manchester grit about him and was very proud of his roots. He was an amazingly humble guy." With the music world currently dominated by egotistical, talentless auto-tune artists who spend their ungodly profits on themselves, it seems like a great idea to honor ROBIN GIBB with knighthood.  Write to Queen Elizabeth today!!!

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