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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Jan 12


Although the new decade is barely two weeks old, that DOES mean we do have TWO weeks of Billboard Hot 100 singles charts. And KE$HA's hot song, TiK ToK (Yes...it's really spelled that way!) is firmly rooted in the top-spot. She's also set sales records on the i-Tunes downloading chart. She recently performed on Ellen DeGeneres Show and Conan O'Brian. Yep, the 2010's are all about Ke$ha (Yes...she really spells it that way!)

So why am I mocking Ke$ha so much? Spelling aside, TiK ToK is an upbeat, highly catchy, over-produced slice of pop music heaven. Perhaps I'm just mocking Ke$ha’s message to millions of teenage girls who have TiK ToK downloaded on their i-Pod and have memorized all the lyrics. In the song, Ke$ha brags she's "Got plenty of beer" and that "Boys are trying to touch her junk, junk." And she claims: "Before I leave, I brush me teeth with a bottle of Jack, ‘cause when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back.”

It's a new trend in pop music, and Ke$ha is just following the artist sitting behind her at number two on today's charts: Lady GaGa. (Speaking of sophisticated lyrics, in LoveGame, Gaga sings: "this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.")  But you really can't blame either 'lady.' Kesha Rose Sebert is a 22 year-old from the San Fernando Valley. Raised by a single mother, her childhood involved small apartments and food stamps. For years, she tried relentlessly to self-promote herself, once allegedly sneaking into Prince's house to give him demo! Likewise, Lady GaGa spent years toiling around New York producers hoping for a break. So when you DO get a chance at being #1, you simply go for it...no matter how much your mother will hate the lyrics!
Let's just hope they start spelling better!

Note: (3/1/10): Tik Tok stayed at #1 for nine weeks, making it one of the biggest songs of all time.

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