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Friday, April 23, 2010


April 21 Iceland Volcano Can't Stop Love

Since last week's blog about the marriage of a Pakastani cricket captain to an Indian tennis star was SO popular, (O comments...WOW!) I decided to blog about another wedding ceremony--under duress--that occured this week. In the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction place known as WORLD NEWS, volcanic eruptions in remote Iceland paralyzed air travel across Europe. NOTE: When I first heard this item, I thought: If this were a movie plot, instead of real life, everyone would say: 'The screenplay of DEATH CLOUD was so un-realistic--that could never happen!'

Anyhow, back to the wedding. The closing of European airports effected people worldwide, especially SEAN MARTAGH and NATALIE MEAD. They were on holiday in Dubai and were unable to return to London for their wedding reception. They had already been married in a small civil ceremony, but were planning a big event being with friends and family. Unfortunately, they couldn't return home in time to attend their own wedding.

Rather than cancel and reschedule everyone, Sean and Natalie decided to go ahead anyhow. They set up a SKYPE connection and performed the ceremony online. The pastor in charge, CAROLINE BLACK, agreed and later commented on how easy it was. Everyone in the East London reception hall dined and danced the night away. They chatted with the newlyweds via a laptop. (See photo)

But the best part about this story wasn't what happened in East London, it was about what happened in Dubai. Dozens of fellow travelers were also stranded at the MILLENNIUM AIRPORT HOTEL. When news spread about the impromtu service, everyone got involved. A suit was donated for the groom. A gown was found for the bride. The furniture in the center lobby was turned into a makeshift wedding chapel. The hotel staff hastly prepared a three-tier cake. It was nothing short of absolutely amazing, said the thankful bride.

My father's favorite quote is: "Turn your negetives into positives." Which is exactly what the guests of the Millennium Airport Hotel did. Rather that sulk and demoan the chances of a volcano in ICELAND keeping them stranded in the ARABIAN DESERT, they took a different approach: Let's have a wedding. Complete strangers worked together and had an experience they'll never forget. Just a reminder to bloom where you are planted.

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