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Friday, February 17, 2017


A study released yesterday by the American Automobile Association (AAA) confirmed what many people already knew: Millennials are the most dangerous drivers on the road. The comprehensive study used data involving crashes and tickets and combined these with a survey taken by 5,000 people nationwide. The results painted a scary picture. Not only are millennials the most reckless drivers on our highways…they also care the least about other motorists.
Let’s look at the numbers. 35,092 people were killed in the USA while driving last year. That’s a whopping 7% increase from the year before, the largest such spike in over 50 years. The study puts a lot of the blame on millennials. They’re more likely to crash than the two age groups who normally top the survey: Teens and the elderly. (The latter actually improved their stats from last year). And it doesn’t take a genius to know the reason why.
Millennials have an intense desire to keep eyeballs glued to screens 24/7” noted AAA columnist Matthew DeBord. In-car infotainment systems aren’t just for directions anymore. They are hooked up to smart phones and allow drivers to perform an array of unsafe activities. In addition to texting whilst driving, they also run red lights the most. It seems the concept of defensive driving is completely lost on this generation. They also speed and rear-end other motorists more than other age groups.
Perhaps the most alarming finding in the study involves millennials attitude toward the privilege of driving. Twelve percent feel it is acceptable to drive 10mph over the speed limit in a school zone and eighty percent admit to texting while driving. While they are statistically the biggest risk takers, millennials feel they are the safest. The majority feel they are superior drivers. No other age group feels this way.
Yikes! Is there any good news in this blog? Yes: Millennials don't drive much. Just ask Craig Patterson, a marketing manager at Ford. "They don't have the kind of love affair with cars growing up," he explained. Also, millennials are found in urban areas, where cars are less practical. Finally, they love to use Uber and Lyft. So remember...next time a millennial is behind the wheel...buckle that seat belt and pray for the best.

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