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Thursday, May 12, 2016



Over the weekend, the DUNER BLOG staff watched some retro television: Carson's final episode on the Tonight Show. Robin Williams, Johnny's last guest, suggested the popular host should run for president. "You can beat those bozos, Clinton and Bush," Williams chided. To which, Carson sheepishly replied: "No way! The insipid media would find something in my past and I'd be ruined." Which got us thinking: Why hasn't today's insipid media been more vocal about Trump's embarrassing past?

#7. DA 'ALI G' SHOW: A master of pranks, Sasha Baron Cohen's short lived phony talk show was a big hit a decade ago. The premise is to dupe famous people into an interview...only to discover the host is reality a mean-spirited comedic actor. After discussing why the billionaire wouldn't invest in Ali G's disposable gloves to protect your hands from melting ice cream cones, the Donald stood up and walked out.

#6. ZOOLANDER: As everyone knows, the Donald has a penchant for super-models: He's married two of 'em! But who knew Trump also has a hankering for dimwitted male fashion models like Ben Stiller? That doesn't seem very presidential to us here at the DUNER BLOG staff.

#5. SEX AND THE CITY. One of the most popular TV shows in the 1990's featured a foxy foursome of single women on the loose in Manhattan. A cameo on the hot sitcom was a must for any egotistical New Yorker, so naturally the Donald strutted in. His first of two minor roles was a as a 'wingman' on a double date with debutante Kim Catrall.

#4. THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR. Another hot show in the 1990's showcased the talented rapper-turned-actor Will Smith. His character was a teen transplanted from the inner-city to the wealthy community of Bel-Air. Did someone say 'Wealthy?' Enter the Donald again. This time, he brought his (then) wife Marla Maples.

#3. THE VIEW. These days, the fearsome foursome of daytime TV are in full-on attack mode on all things Trump. In addition to his misogynist statements, the gals also love mock his terrible hair. However...way back in 2006...Elizabeth Hasslebeck and the others were all smiles. The hosts told Trump how much they loved his hotel and casinos and lauded his business savvy.

#2. HOME ALONE 2. Again, one must question Donald Trump's judgement. It's very bad when it comes to movies and TV...so let's just hope it's improved when it comes to important issues like Foreign Policy. Back to Home Alone 2: While the original film had its moments, anyone could tell the sequel would bomb. Not Donald! Here's the scene: Macaulay Culkin gets lost again; this time it's in a luxury NYC hotel. Enter Trump who gives the tot directions around the Plaza lobby. Hilarious!

#1. WRESTLE MANIA #23. In the USA, professional wrestling is nothing like the sport in the Olympics. Instead of being about athletic prowess, it centers on phony falls and goofy costumes. Overly staged bouts usually culminate with someone getting smacked by a folding chair. Twenty years ago in Detroit things got particularly wacky. WWE Commissioner Vince McMahon lost a wager and had to have his head shaved by Donald Trump.

We ask you, America: Do you want think this list is what Johnny Carson would consider PRESIDENTIAL?

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