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Friday, September 11, 2015



Without doubt, the biggest concert tour of 2015 belongs to TAYLOR SWIFT. So far, the 1989 Tour has grossed $128 million...and it still has 24 shows to go. Last month in Los Angeles, Swift sold out the gargantuan STAPLES CENTER for sixteen straight nights...a new record! But what is truly amazing about the 1989 TOUR isn't the ticket sales. Nope, it's the impressive list of friends that have appeared on stage with Tay-Tay. With each city, comes a surprising, electrifying new 'Bestie.' Here are the top ten:

10. Mariska Hargitay, Philadelphia.  Taylor is a HUGE fan of the TV show Law & Order SVU. In fact, she named her pet cat Olivia Benson after the main character of the show. So, naturally, it follows that Taylor, the cat and the actress who plays Olivia are all close friends in real life.

9. Serena Williams, London.  It just so happens that there was another huge event the same weekend Tay-Tay did her shows at London's cavernous O2 Arena. It's a tennis tournament called Wimbledon. But how about this for coincidence? Serena Williams...a very close acquaintance of Swift...won the title match. That deserves a round of applause and a duet on stage.

8. Lorde, Washington DC.  The 'Royals' singer is from New Zealand and Swift won't be touring there. So, she invited Lorde to our nation's capital to perform the smash hit together. This friendship might be the most legitimate one on our list. Their Instagram pictures have a whopping 1.3 billion views.

7. Lisa Kudrow, Los Angeles.  Aside from Law & Order, Tay-Tay's SECOND favorite TV show is 'Friends.' Naturally, she identifies with the silly blond character Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow. And...since we know how much Swift loves felines...it only made sense to have the two sing "Smelly Cat" as a duet at Staples.

6. Heidi Klum, New York. To be a member of Taylor Swift's Inner Posse, you must either be a fellow Pop Star OR a Super-Model. While the German superstar may be twenty years older than Swift, this doesn't stop them from being extremely close BFF's.

5. Russell Wilson, Seattle.  Football has always been Pennsylvania-born Taylor's FAVORITE sport. Unfortunately, the Pittsburgh Steelers haven't been in the Super Bowl lately. But the Seattle Seahawks have been in the Championship game the last two years. Basically: If you are the Best in your field, you are Taylor Swift's friend.

4. Ellen DeGeneres, Los Angeles.  Swift's favorite Talk-Show has always been ELLEN at 4pm. She has been a guest on this program more than any other. Naturally, when Swift was in Los Angeles, the two fabulous females were like totally hanging out together...like....everyday. So it was no coincidence that Ellen would come up on stage and tell some jokes.

3. US Women's Soccer Team, New York. Fresh off their World Cup championship, the gals did a tour of the East Coast to celebrate. First, they saw Michelle & Barack at the White House. Next, some coffee with Live! With Kelly & Michael. The next night, they were in East Rutherford to join Taylor Swift on stage. Isn't it amazing that Taylor knows all twenty-two members of the team?

2. Joan Baez & Julia Roberts, San Francisco. Okay, these friends of Taylor are a bit confusing. In fact, Taylor called them "Heroes" in addition to friends. One is old enough to be her grandmother. Nonetheless, the Folk Music legend and the Oscar-Winning actress traipsed up on the stage at Levi's Stadium for lots and lots of hugs.

1. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles.  Taylor Swift's 'Girl Power' message must be completely lost on Kobe. As everyone knows, this Los Angeles Laker doesn't exactly have a great reputation with the ladies. Let's see...There was the rape trial, the numerous affairs and derogatory comments...but that's all in the past. At least Taylor finally met someone taller than herself!

PREDICTIONS:  Here's who we'd like to see on stage with Taylor at selected upcoming concerts:
Sept. 25. Nashville (Bridgestone Arena): Dolly Parton & Al Gore.
Oct. 25. Toronto (Rogers Centre): Drake & Stephen Harper.
Oct. 10. Omaha (Century Link Center): Warren Buffet
Oct. 17. Dallas (AT&T Stadium): George W. Bush & Tony Romo
Nov. 11. Shanghai (Mercedes Benz Arena): Hu Juntao & Yao Ming.  

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