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Thursday, May 28, 2015



Tragedy struck the seaside town of Cannes in the south of France last week. It occurred at the annual, prestigious Film Festival. It's hard to believe, but many actresses were denied entry to the Red Carpet for NOT WEARING HEELS. Naturally, the entire film industry is unified in grand protests. War is being waged on all fronts: Social Media, Talk Shows and Tabloid Interviews. Confused? Well, we were at the DUNER BLOG have all the information you need!

Trouble began on Friday afternoon when Valeria Richter (a movie producer) was stopped by security. She was informed her flat shoes were unacceptable, and that guests are expected to wear heals. Fortunately, she had a great reason for the faux pas. One of Valeria's toes has been amputated, and she can only wear specially made footwear. She explained this to the gendarmes, and was allowed in. Other ladies weren't as fortunate and were turned away from the premiere. "Go buy some appropriate shoes and come back" they were rudely instructed.

As expected, the upper classes have responded with widespread outrage. Other festivals, like SWSX and the Sundance have clarified their policies regarding footwear: Flats are welcome in Austin and Aspen! "I think everyone should wear flats," exclaimed actress Emily Blunt...despite the fact she was wearing four inch pumps at the time. However, our favorite protest came from 'Goonies' star Josh Brolin. He vowed to wear pink pumps to his premiere! (No word yet on whether he followed through on the Tweet.)

In an attempt to quell the rioters, the Cannes Film Festival issued a statement . While there is no specific language about the specific height a heel should be, they claim that "Formal Dress" means no flats. "Hosts and hostesses on the Red Carpet were reminded to enforce this policy." While we agree that Dress Codes are often arbitrary and difficult to enforce, we must remember that the Men have it much tougher: Tuxedo Only. Try wearing open-toed sandals with a tux!

Finally, leave it to one overly wealthy celebrity to blow everything out of proportion. Actress Salma Hayak used the "sexist ban on flats" to raise awareness about women's rights in movies.  She saw 'Shoe-Gate' as an opportunity for ladies to be viewed on equal footing with men.  "The only kind of movie where women make more money than men is the porno industry," she quipped. Cálmate, Salma! YOU'RE the one who dresses like a Porn Star! In summary, readers: Just remember: If you are ever going to an event in France or Italy; Up Your Fashion Game. These nations take clothes and shoes very seriously.

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