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Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Yesterday, every one's favorite Royal, Kate Middleton, completed her Official Tour of the Southern Pacific with an exhausting fortnight in New Zealand.  While we couldn't possibly chronicle all the amazing accomplishments of the the Duchess, here are seven stops we thought you'd want to know more about:

Kate Visited a War Memorial.  When Royalty visit a new place, the first stop is to always to a cemetery or war monument.  Once there, the princess is escorted to a special place.  Then, she bows her head solemnly for ten minutes. Finally, she lays a ceremonial wreath on a grave.  Hence, Kate's first stop in New Zealand was the War Memorial and Clock Tower in Blehnheim. She looked great in a smart, powder blue Alexander McQueen dress and coat.

Kate Drinks Wine. Lately, British tabloids have been speculating that Kate is preggers with another baby.  These rumors were squashed yesterday, when the Duchess visited Amisfield Vienyard.  She quaffed down a couple glasses and happily stated: "I'm really enjoying being able to drink wine again after having Baby George!" NOTE: She drank a 2011 Pinot Noir.

Kate Played Cricket. In Christchurch, the Royal Couple paid a visit to the Royal Cricket Club.  This is important, because New Zealand is hosting the World Cup in 2015.  While there, she played an 'impromptu' match against William.  We here at the DUNER BLOG are not savvy about Cricket terminology, but she "bowled one off stamp and managed to strike it to mid off."  As you might know, Kate is extremely athletic and can even play volleyball in heals!

Kate Went River Rafting.  Some of the best rapids in the world are found in New Zealand.  The white-water on the Shotover River is a Class Four.  Naturally, our fearless leader showed no hesitation as she dodged boulders and whirlpools in a 15 minute expedition. She even managed not to get her skinny jeans and blue blazer wet.

Kate Went to Church.  Yesterday was Palm Sunday, so Kate, kid and hubby all went to a service in St. Paul Cathedral Church in Dunedin.  The proud family arrived early and were seated in the front row next to esteemed clergy.  Who cares?  What did Kate wear?  Okay... she had on an aquamarine dress with a matching hat.  Both were designed by New Zealanders Emilia Wickstead and Jane Taylor.  No word yet on the shoes...

Kate Went to Hospital. As with fellow rock-stars and pro athletes, Royals always have to go to a hospital to meet with sick kids.  This photo-op was a meet-and-greet at the Rainbow Place Children's Hospice in Waikato.  an 'Mad-Hatter's Tea Party was held in her honor.  Who cares? Kate wore a jade green Erden coat over a Suzannah dress with black heeled shoes.  Stunning!

Kate Sailed a Yacht. You might not know this, but Kate Middleton is an experienced sailor.  She had worked as a deckhand in a Harbor Side club back home in Solent.  Naturally, she was completely in control of her vessel, much to the delight of the nautically-crazed fans lining the shore.  Kate looked splendid in a navy-blue Benneton- stripped top.  She scooped up her hair into a pony tail hid under a black cap.

We here at the DUNER BLOG give Princess Kate an A+ for her whirlwind trip to New Zealand.  She showed poise, grace, humor and wit.  And...of course...the best fashion imaginable.  Hooray for Kate!

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