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Tuesday, November 26, 2013



Over the weekend, the staff of the DUNER BLOG went to Stanford University for the 116th installment of our beloved football rivalry.  In our attempt to keep our minds off the lopsided game on the field, we instead decided to list our 15 favorite College Football Rivalries and their beloved trophies.

THE BIG GAME. Cal vs. Stanford.  First played: 1885. Overall record: Cardinal leads, 59-46-11.  Trophy: The Stanford Axe.  At the first Big Game, the Stanford Rally Committee fired up the crowd by chopping the heads off stuffed teddy bears.  Berkeley students stole the axe.  Today, the original axe is mounted on a plaque.  The winners of the game get to keep it for 364 days, until the next football match.

THE GAME. Harvard vs. Yale. First played: 1875. Overall record: Bulldogs lead 65-57-8. Trophy: The Little Red Flag.  This rivalry is the oldest of all.  How old? The first score was 4-0.  (You're asking yourself: How is that score possible?)  Back then, a team got zero points for a touchdown..only the chance to make the one-point conversion!

THE RIVALRY. Michigan vs. Ohio State.  First Played: 1897. Overall record: Wolverines lead 58-44-6.  While other college football match-ups are older, this rivalry is the most important.  Over the last 40 years, it has determined more Rose Bowl and National Championships than any other game on our list.

THE BORDER WAR. Kansas vs. Missouri.  First Played: 1891. Overall record: Tigers lead 57-54-9.  Trophy: Indian War Drum.  While most college football rivalries are fought only on the field, these two sides actually fought a bloody conflict during the civil war.  Over 4,000 people died in savage, guerrilla-like attacks.

THE CIVIL WAR Oregon vs. Oregon State. First played: 1894. Overall record: Ducks lead 60-46-10. Trophy: Platypus Trophy.  This odd award represents both sides of the rivalry.  It has the bill of a duck, but the tail of a beaver.

THE EGG BOWL. Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss.  First played: 1901. Overall record: Rebels lead 61-42-6. When this grudge match was first played, footballs weren't as nicely shaped as they are today.  In fact, many Mississippians thought they looked like eggs, and the moniker stuck.

THE HOLY WAR. Utah vs. BYU.  First played: 1896. Overall record: Utes lead, 57-34-4. Trophy: Beehive Boot. Since the Brigham Young University is a religious institution and the University of Utah is a public one, when the two meet on the football field, it hearkens back to the crusades.

THE RED RIVER SHOOTOUT. Texas vs. Oklahoma.  First played: 1900. Overall record: Longhorns lead, 60-43-5.  Named after the body of water the separates the two states, this rivalry is unique because it is always played at a neutral site: The Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

THE APPLE CUP. Washington vs. Washington State.  First played: 1900. Overall record: Huskies lead, 67-32-6.  As everyone knows, the top product in the state is apples.  Awhile ago, the large basket of fruit was replaced with an impressive trophy.

THE WORLD'S LARGEST COCKTAIL PARTY. Florida vs. Georgia. First played: 1915. Overall record: Bulldogs lead 50-40-2. Trophy: The Okefenokee Oar.  This game is also played at a neutral site, Jacksonville.  Today, city officials are trying to distance themselves from the 'cocktail' nickname after alcohol-fueled melees tarnished the last couple games.

THE IRON SKILLET. Southern Methodist vs. Texas Christian.  First played: 1915. Overall record: Horned-frogs lead, 46-40-7.  Back in the 1940's, a SMU fan mocked the 'Horned-frog' nickname by frying frog legs before the game.  TCU won the game and the fan presented the skillet he used (as well as the tasty frog legs) to the opposition.  The tradition continues today.

THE LITTLE BROWN JUG. Michigan vs. Minnesota. First Played: 1892.  Overall record: Wolverines lead, 73-24-3.  Although not little, and certainly not brown, this story is true.  After the mud-filled 1903 game ended prematurely in a 4-4 tie, the angry Michigan team was in such a hurry to leave Minneapolis, the left behind their silly jug.  A custodian gave it to the coach, and a legend was born.
THE VICTORY BELL. USC vs. UCLA.  First played: 1929. Overall record: Trojans lead, 46-29-7.  In the beginning, the two universities shared the same stadium, the LA Coliseum.  After scoring, each team proudly rang a large railroad bell, which was generously donated by Sothern Pacific.  However, when UCLA began playing home games in the Rose Bowl, they took the bell with them.  Today, the prized object is shared.

THE KEG OF NAILS. Louisville vs. Cincinnati.  First played: 1929. Overall record: Bearcats lead, 30-21-1.  Although these two schools are much better known for their basketball programs, we just had to mention the Keg of Nails.  See, the winner of this game is 'tough as nails,' so...

THE PAUL BUNYAN TROPHY. Michigan vs. Michigan State.  First played: 1898.  Overall record: Wolverines lead, 68-33-5.  Sure, it was wrong to put the University of Michigan on the list three times.  But we just adore this cute statue!


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