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Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Last week, KATY PERRY notched her eighth #1 song when 'ROAR' topped the Billboard Singles chart.  This event set off a wave of debate at the DUNER BLOG.  Who has the most #1 songs of all time?  Is Katy close?  We conducted research.  It turns out she is #12 on the list.  Here is the Top Ten:

#1. BEATLES: 20 #1's Hopefully, the Fab Four will always top this list.  Their first #1 was "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" in 1964.  Their last was "The Long & Winding Road" in 1970.  To Pop Music fans, all their #1 songs are sacred.  While other bands have scored numerous but forgettable #1 hits, the average person can sing all twenty of the Beatles' songs.  NOTE: Paul McCartney has nine #1 hits with Wings and solo artist.

#2.  ELVIS: 18 #1's  The King was dethroned on this list by the Fab Four in 1968.  Like the Beatles, Elvis songs are an integral part of Americana.  For example, every kid starts singing "You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog" to the family pooch at age four.  Elvis worship then continues throughout the adult life.  NOTE: Even after death, Elvis came close to notching a posthumous #1 when a re-mix of "A Little Less Conversation" hit #4 in 2007.

#2.  MARIAH CAREY: 18 #1's  On thing is for certain: This songbird knows how to make a smash record.  An amazing 72% of her Top Ten hits go to #1.  They also stay there.  Her total of 79 weeks at #1 is more than anyone else.  NOTE:  This ranking has not gone to her head.  Said the Diva: "Elvis and the Beatles changed the world.  The Pop Music Industry is different today."

#3. MICHAEL JACKSON: 13 #1's  The King of Pop deserves his title.  In addition to his chart-toppers, MJ also has three dozen Top 10 hits.  He also wrote numerous #1s for other artists and has five additional #1 hits with the Jackson 5.  

#4. MADONNA: 12 #1's  Love her or hate her, MADONNA is a survivor.  While the Beatles crammed their 20 #1's into seven short years (3.1 #1's per year), the Material Girl is quite the opposite.  Her dozen top hits are spread out over nearly thirty years (0.4 #1's per year).  NOTE: Her full name is Madonna Louise Ciccone.

#4. SUPREMES:  12 #1's  While Martin Luther King gets much of the credit for the 1960's Civil Rights Movement, we here at the DUNER BLOG beg to differ.  We thank Diana, Florence and Mary for our racial equity.  These gals were talented elegant, sophisticated.  Oh yeah!  They happened to be black as well.  NOTE: Diana Ross had six more #1's as a solo artist.

#6.  WHITNEY HOUSTON:  11 #1's  When Whitney died last year, many people felt there were too many tributes and eulogies.  "Was she really that great?" they asked.  Being #6 on this list answers that question. 

#8.  STEVIE WONDER:  10 #1's  Little Stevie Wonder still holds the record for the youngest person ever to top the Pop Charts.  He was only 12 years old when 'Fingertips' went to #1 in 1962.  In addition, this musical genius has 10 Top Ten Albums and 22 Grammy Awards.

#8.  JANET JACKSON: 10 #1's   When people think of JANET JACKSON, they think of a very spiky nipple ring at the Super Bowl Halftime concert.  However, Michael's kid sister is much more than that.  She's sold 100 million albums worldwide. 

#10.  BEE GEES:  9 #1's  Many people forget just how large Disco's impact on humankind really was.  We here at the DUNER BLOG have not.  For us, the Disco Revolution was a spiritual rebirth of the mind, body and the Electric Slide.  NOTE: The Brothers Gibb also wrote four #1 songs for other artists, including Dolly Parton, Frankie Valli and kid brother Andy.

#10. ELTON JOHN: 9 #1's  This conversation took place in 1974: John Lennon: 'Elton, you're so big right now, if you sung an old Beatles song, I bet you it would go to #1.' Elton John: 'You're on!  How about I record Lucy & the Sky With Diamonds?' Guess what?  John Lennon won the bet.  The cover was Elton John's third #1 hit of 1974. 

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