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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


No...That's not really the Queen!

If you’ve ever been to our SUPER BOWL PARTY, you know that we here at the DUNER BLOG love to wager.  We bet on everything.  We wager on the coin toss, the first TV commercial…heck, we even bet on which songs BeyoncĂ© will sing at halftime.  (Bootylicious paid at 20-1!).  So it comes as no surprise we are all caught up in the frenzy engulfing Britain these days: Bets about the new royal baby have totaled over a million pounds so far.  Although we failed miserably predicting the name of the new Kanye / Kardashian tot, (North West?  Really?!?), here we are...at it again!

GENDER: OUR PREDICTION: GIRL.  Apparently no one knows the gender of the Royal Baby.  However, all of England seems convinced it will be a girl.  Why?  See…at an event in March…a fan in the crowd gave Kate a white teddy bear.  To which she replied: “Thanks, I’ll give it to my daught…” before cutting herself off.  While this may seem like speculative evidence to the rest of the world, to gamblers this is interpreted as fact.  We here at the DUNER BLOG agree: The Royal Baby will be a female.

NAME: OUR PREDICTION: VICTORIA (7-1).  Ladbroke’s fifth favorite name, following Alexandra (3/1), Elizabeth (5/1), Diana  & Charlotte (6/1).  The favored choice is Queen Elizabeth II’s middle name.  Otherwise, only Scottish King Alexanders have graced the throne, so we’ll remove this one.  Next up: Elizabeth & Diana.  We will toss these two out, simply because they are too obvious.  Charlotte is intriguing: It’s Pippa’s middle name and King George III’s wife’s name…but we feel it’s too pompous for today’s monarch.  We like Victoria.  As mentioned in an early blog (JUNE 7. LIST OF LONGEST REIGNING MONARCHS) every continent has something named after Queen Victoria.  Cities, waterfalls, straits, mounts, peaks…everywhere she goes, she’ll see her name.

HAIR COLOR: OUR PREDICTION: BROWN (3-1).  This wager comes down to simple genetics: Both parents have brown hair.  However, if you dream of a blond-haired, blue-eyed prince that will charm the world, the odds are 5-1.

BIRTHDATE: OUR PREDICTION: JULY 17 (9-1).  We recommend avoiding this bet.  The announced due date is Saturday, but for some reason, that date has fallen to 20-1.  Will Kate be late?

SUCKER BETS: The British have a national penchant for gambling, surpassed only by the Chinese.  Hence, there are a plethora of silly, sucker bets that we here at the DUNER BLOG suggest you avoid.  For example, Harry Potter fans who want the baby named Hermione get 100-1 odds. If you want to guess which tabloid will get the rights to the baby’s first photos, take the favorite, OK! Magazine, at 3-1.  It’s 50-1 that the baby will appear on Downton Abbey, and 100-1 it will be on X-Factor with Simon Cowell.

Computer generated Royal babies.
SAFE BET: We can’t wait for a healthy, happy baby!  We love you, Kate!   

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