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Friday, July 13, 2012



Our cyber-mailbox has been jam-packed with questions about Mexico's President-Elect, ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO.  So let's get started!

Has Mexico ever had a more handsome president?
The simple answer is: No! Peña Nieto is Mexico's 89th president.  We looked at the photos of all previous 88 leaders and only Antonio López de Santa Anna comes close.  We even threw in Mexico's two Emperors, (Iturbide and Maximilian) and it's still no contest.  In fact, the only Mexican who could even be considered in the same league as President Enrique is Enrique Iglesias

How can you be both the Governor and President of Mexico?
This is confusing.  The nation...the United States of Mexico...is divided into thirty-one states and a federal district (Mexico City).  The state closest to the metropolis is also named Mexico.  It comprises of the capital, Toluca, and most of the suburbs.   In reality...it's all one big city and both are considered part of the greater "metropolitan area."  Prior to winning the presidency, Peña Nieto was governor of the State of Mexico. 

What's the deal with his hot wife?
Actually his spouse is a difficult subject.  See, Peña Nieto's first wife Mónica died suddenly in 2007 from respiratory arrest.  He has since remarried to Angelica Rivera who...you guessed it...is a rich and famous TV actress!  We here at the DUNER BLOG love the show and couldn't have made up a better character for a telenovela soap opera than "La Gaviota" (the seagull).  The heartwarming doña is professional tequila chef who flirts with her co-workers.  The show's title is "Destilando Amor" or "Distilling Love" in Spanish.

Why the comparisons to George Bush?
During a campaign stop in Guadalajara, a reporter asked candidate PEÑA NIETO about his literary side. "Which books influenced him as a student?" the reporter inquired.  EPN awkwardly stumbled through his reply...much like the former American president so famously did.  "I have read a number of books, starting with novels. I'd have a hard time recalling the titles," said Peña Neito.  When asked to elaborate, he continued bumbling...again, much like "W" would do.  Enrique proceeded to incorrectly identify novels written by Carlos Fuentes...which was great fodder for liberal media outlets.

Why did Rebecca Black endorse him?
Remember the video that was a YouTube sensation last year? "Gotta get down on Friday?" Well, it turns out Rebecca's family is from Morelos where her uncle is a local politician in EPN's political party (the PRI).  Although she's only 14 years old and can't vote in either country, she still wants people to know it's important to stay informed on politics.  "Peña Nieto is going to do a fantastic job," she said.  We here at the DUNER BLOG share Rebecca Black's enthusiasm and know the new president will make Mexico great again!


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