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Wednesday, March 7, 2012



Over the weekend, a bunch of the DUNER BLOG staff members got together for a BBQ.  Afterwards, everyone chilled at DUNER'S place and watched the movie Pulp Fiction.  We didn't get very far, because we love the scene where JOHN TRAVOLTA and SAMUEL L. JACKSON are discussing McDonald's in Europe.  Vince: "Nah, man, they got the metric system, they wouldn't know what the **** a Quarter Pounder is.  They call it a "Royale with Cheese."  Anyhow, we all decided to blog about McDonald's this week.  NOTE: For our reader in Namibia...one of the few nations on earth without a McDonald's...here's the 411:

The first McDonald's opened in San Bernardino, California in 1940 by brothers RICHARD and MAURICE McDONALD.  The Scottish pair came up with the brilliant idea of a drive-up burger stand, thus eliminating the cost of operating a sit-down restaurant.   At the time, local diners charged 30 cents for a hamburger. With no waitresses, busboys or hosts to pay, McDonald's was able to charge only 15 cents for a hamburger...and the rest is economic history.  Although this first stand in San Berdoo has long since been demolished, the third oldest McDonald's is still operating today in nearby Downey and is fun to visit.  The brothers met their goal of making a million dollars by age 50 and sold the chain to RAY A. CROC in 1954, who turned the burger stands into the galactic empire it is today.

Anyhow, we came up with our top ten favorite McDonald's Menu Items from all around the world:

#10 Double Beef Prosperity Burger (Indonesia).  Like the McRib in the US, this sandwich is only available at special times.  It consists of two beef patties dipped in aromatic peppers and covered with onion slices.  How it brings "Prosperity" isn't explained on the website.

#9 The Kiwi Burger (New Zealand). On top of this beef patty is the usual items: Cheese, lettuce and tomato.  But then they added the unusual: a poached egg and beetroot.  When originally launched in 1991, the commercials had a catchy song which can be heard in entirety on YouTube.

#8 Spam, Rice & Egg Breakfast Platter (Hawaii). In the other 49 US states, folks generally eschew SPAM.  Short for "Spiced Ham" it's canned pork shoulder with sodium nitrate.  But in Hawaii, Spam is a delicacy and is one of the most popular items on the Breakfast Menu.

 #7 McMollete (Mexico). Once again, Micky D's shook it up. This tasty gem has traditional Mexican favorites, beans, queso fresco and pico de gallo served on top of a non-traditional English Muffin.

#6 Triple Mac (Argentina). Argentines consume more beef per capita than any other nation on earth.  McDonald's loves a stat like that...and rewarded the nation handsomely.  Argentina is the only country whose Big Mac has three beef patties.

#5 McArabia Sandwich (Saudi Arabia). Originally sold only in the Saudi Kingdom, it was so popular, McDonald's expanded sales of the sandwich to all of the Middle East (except Israel).  It consists of Kofta (beef with spices), lettuce, tomato, onions and garlic maynonaise all deliciously wrapped in a traditional pita bread.

#4 Croque McDo (France).  The most popular sandwich in France is a Croque Monsieur...commonly called Grilled Ham & Cheese in the US.  In a bold attempt to capture this large market, the McDo was introduced to mixed reviews.

#3 The Shogun Burger (Hong Kong).  The McDonald's marketing team will take over for this one: "Fresh lettuce perfectly compliments the juicy pork patty and the rich taste of Teriyaki, two extreme combinations that set a new standard for the classic burger and reignite your desire for delicacies and re-excite your taste buds."

#2 Burbur Ayam (India). This translates as "Chicken Porridge."  It has juicy chicken strips in "mouth watering porridge garnished with spring onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots and diced chillies." Don't expect this one to be market in the US any time soon.

#1 Lakse Wrap (Finland).  Apparently, McDonald's had three plans to capture the lucrative fried fish market in Finland.  The McLaks (Salmon Sticks) and the McLutefisk (Dried Salted Cod) were eliminated for obvious reasons. However...the 'Lakse Wrap' proved to be a hit.


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